Lindsey Davis Stover’s Statement on Barbara Comstock’s Vote to Eliminate the State and Local Tax Deductions

McLean, VA – Lindsey Davis Stover, Candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, issued the following statement today regarding Barbara Comstock’s vote to eliminate the State and Local Tax Deductions.

“Today Republican Barbara Comstock voted to pave the way for a $5 billion dollar tax hike on VA-10 families. Comstock voted to fast track a huge tax increase on the middle class by eliminating the State and Local Tax Deduction that 51% of VA-10 residents claimed last year for an average deduction of $13,562.  In addition, the Republican tax plan changes the 401k retirement system penalizing families trying to save for retirement.  When Paul Ryan and Donald Trump need Barbara Comstock, she complies.  When Virginia families need her, she’s nowhere to be found. Today, Barbara Comstock chose party politics over families in our district.  It is time to elect new, bold leadership who will put people over politics.”

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