Lindsey Davis Stover Announces Endorsements from Local Council Member and Veteran Leader


October 26, 2017 | Contact: | (571) 406-5692

Lindsey Davis Stover Announces Endorsements from Local Council Member and Veteran Leader

Former Obama Administration Official Endorsed by Democrats from Manassas City Council and Veteran Leader

McLean, VA – Lindsey Davis Stover, former Obama Administration official and candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, announced today that Mark Wolfe, Manassas City Council member, and Edward F. Meagher, Great Falls resident and Air Force Veteran, have endorsed her campaign.

“I’m supporting Lindsey for Congress for two reasons,” said Mark Wolfe, Manassas City Council Member. “First, she encompasses the values of fairness and inclusion that are vital in Congress. And second, with her experience and success to date, Lindsey has shown that she can win this election.”

Edward Meagher, a 40 year resident of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, Veteran leader and 2008 Obama for America Veterans and Military Families Leader, is an early and active supporter of Stover and the issues that she has championed during the campaign.

“I’ve lived here for 40 years and I’ve watched this district change dramatically during that time.  I really like that Lindsey has taken the lead on a state-run primary for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.  It’s so imperative to me, as a Veteran, that the rights that I fought for — like every single person’s right to vote — are protected.  Having a bold, new leader that wants to keep that power with the voters is so important.  I admire Lindsey taking a stand and trusting voters.”

The endorsements from prominent local leaders, like Wolfe and Meagher, showcase the effectiveness of Lindsey’s campaign to go door-to-door, neighborhood-to-neighborhood and community-to-community.   Lindsey is proving her commitment to forging local partnerships and demonstrating her ability to do the work of an effective Representative.

“Mark and Ed’s endorsements are so important at this point in our campaign.  Both are residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, respected members of the community and know what it takes to lead,” explained Stover.  “Mark and Ed will be great advocates on key issues impacting VA-10 citizens:  Veterans and military families, affordable education, healthcare and job growth.”

Stover’s campaign launched 6 months ago and has garnered support from across Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.  Lindsey Davis Stover is working hard to put people over politics and build a strong grassroots campaign.

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