Democratic primary voters in VA-10 need to see that Lindsey Davis Stover has the personal experience and federal legislative know-how to represent us and defeat Barbara Comstock. Lindsey Davis Stover was raised by a single mom, got her first job at 14 and worked three jobs to put herself through college. Education opened doors for her and she was able to become a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill and a Senior Advisor in The Department of Veterans Affairs under President Obama.

Voters need to see that Lindsey Davis Stover is the is the only Democrat showing up in every part of the district. She listens to and connects with voters because she shares many of the same life experiences that northern Virginians are facing under the Trump administration – including struggles to pay for everyday expenses, healthcare, and college.  She is doing the hard work that it will take to beat Barbara Comstock.

Lindsey’s story is proof that when government works well, people can flourish. She’s running for Congress to make sure the next generation gets the same opportunities.


Lindsey’s Story: A lifetime of beating the odds. Lindsey Davis Stover was raised in a small town by a single mother – a public school teacher who worked multiple jobs to provide for her family. It’s from her mother that Lindsey learned the value of hard work and determination. Lindsey’s father instilled in her the importance of giving back by taking her to civil rights marches when she was young and when she saw him lead the Teachers’ Union’s fight for higher pay. Lindsey’s grandfather joined the military when he was 18 after hitch-hiking to the Army recruitment office upon graduating from high school, and later struggled to get proper health care from the VA, which inspired Lindsey to fight for better services and access for our veterans.

Lindsey and her husband, Jeremey, have called Northern Virginia home for over eight years, where they are raising their two daughters, coaching soccer, and leading Sunday School. Lindsey currently owns a small business down the road from where they live.

Lindsey’s Experiences: Education opened doors.

Hard work and determination are in Lindsey’s blood. When she was young, Lindsey thought college was out of reach but she started saving money when she got her first job at age 14. She then held three minimum wage jobs at once to put herself through Baylor undergraduate and graduate school. Lindsey then graduated with a Masters from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Education opened doors for Lindsey, but even now, Lindsey and her husband are still paying off over $80,000 in student loans.

Lindsey’s Accomplishments: 12 years of federal legislative experience.

Lindsey spent over 12 years advocating for veterans and families as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill and a Senior Advisor in President Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs. It was during this time that Lindsey crafted and championed life-changing legislation to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for American workers, decrease veteran homelessness by nearly 50 percent, and implement no-cost treatments for military sexual assault.



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