An Equal Opportunity Economy

Hardworking families are under attack by the Trump administration. I believe that our government should be giving everyone a fair shot, and rewarding hard work. Growing up, my family often struggled to make ends meet.

We need to provide a living wage for all Americans. I support a $15 minimum wage and and want to ensure equal pay for equal work. Paid family leave should be guaranteed to working families. We need to invest in workforce training, community college and apprenticeship programs in areas such as healthcare, cybersecurity, IT, clean energy, building trades and education to better prepare us to succeed in our new economy. By eliminating tax incentives for American companies to send jobs overseas, we can work to keep jobs here at home.

As a small business owner in our district, I understand the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. I will work to expand opportunity, eliminate barriers to market entry for start-ups, and encourage small businesses to flourish. A vibrant Main Street fuels economic growth in our communities.

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