Healthcare is a Right, Not a Privilege.

Healthcare is a basic human right. Access to affordable healthcare is critical for families, seniors, students and everyone across our country. While access to healthcare has expanded and there are fewer uninsured now than at any point in our history, we must fight to make sure that everyone has access to quality and timely healthcare.

We must also tackle skyrocketing healthcare costs. The plans from Republican leaders in Congress would increase premiums and copays, leave over 22 million American — including 300,000 individuals and 14,000 Veterans in Virginia — without coverage, and introduce new taxes on citizens over 50 years of age. We must continue to organize, march, speak out and fight for access to quality healthcare.

Having served in the Obama Administration, I am proud of the progress made under the Affordable Care Act. While it is far from perfect, we need to build on its strengths and address its challenges. I strongly oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act or the elimination of essential health benefits and provisions that protect people with pre-existing medical conditions. I do not support any measures that would cut the Medicaid expansion under ACA, leaving our most vulnerable friends and neighbors without access to care. Americans should never have to choose between providing healthcare for their families or putting food on the table. Our nation is better than that.

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