Invest in Our Future. Invest in Education.

America cannot ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed until every student is afforded a great education. As a country, we cannot rest until every student has access to great public schools.

As a former public school student, the daughter of a public school teacher and the mother of two daughters who attend public schools, I strongly support investing in our country’s public education system. That means supporting universal pre-k and high-quality education regardless of where children live, making daycare and early childhood education affordable for all families and taking concrete steps to alleviate the student loan burden to make college accessible and affordable for all students. We must also invest in the community college system, vocational training, and certification programs to prepare our workforce for the 21st century economy.

WE MUST VALUE OUR EDUCATORS.  We should invest in our education and retention efforts to ensure teachers have the tools they need to prepare our children for the future – not for the next standardized test.

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