On the Issues




Putting Trust in Voters

You either trust voters or you don't. I do.

Fighting for Jobs in a 21st Century Economy

We must value our workforce and invest in our future.

Healthcare is a Right, Not a Privilege.

Healthcare is a basic human right.

Invest in Our Future. Invest in Education.

America cannot ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed until it provides a great education to all

Strengthening National Security

I support a strong national defense and maintaining a strong state of readiness for our military.

Fighting for America’s Veterans

Veterans have kept their promises to us. We must keep our promises to them.

Protecting Women’s Healthcare

I support a woman’s right to choose.

Money in Politics

Corporations are not people, their money should not buy elections. Our political system is flooded with secret dark money that dilutes the voice of the American people.


Discriminatory bans against immigrants from certain countries are unconstitutional, immoral, do not make our country safer, and do not reflect who we are as a nation.

Protecting the Environment

Climate change is real and impacting us every day. The science is clear and overwhelming. We have a responsibility to act now to protect our children’s and grandchildren’s future.


Less time in the car and more time with our families.

Protecting Federal Employees

WE MUST VALUE FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. As a former federal employee, I know first hand the dedication of career civil servants.


Agriculture fuels our country and our economy.

Gun Safety and Ending Gun Violence

I support the 2nd Amendment and I am a fierce advocate for reducing senseless gun violence.


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