Pride Fund to End Gun Violence

Lindsey has exactly the attributes we need in a Congresswoman to help finally bring needed changes to our gun laws. She is courageous. She is a hard worker.

Joel Richardson | Winchester, VA

I support Lindsey because her personal and professional experience gives her a unique perspective to help people; one that is grounded, honest and relatable. I have no doubt Lindsey will work hard for VA-10.

Edward Meagher | Great Falls, VA

Lindsey takes the time to listen, to learn and then to lead. I have lived in the 10th district for well over 40 years and Lindsey is the breath of fresh air that we need.

Marc Bailey | Loudoun County

In Lindsey we get someone who has worked in Congress and understands what reforms are needed, we get a leader who is dedicated to ensuring that the most vulnerable among us get the services they need, we get a woman who has made Northern Virginia home for her family and cares deeply about every member of our community. In Lindsey we get a voice for our future.

Kate Hoit | US Army Veteran

We must elect a new generation of women leaders to office -- representatives who value fair immigration policies, facts and science, women’s rights & health care & strong communities. That's why I'm supporting my friend Lindsey.

Roger Baker | Obama Administration Alum

Lindsey’s dedication to Veterans and her ability to get things done is obvious. She will be an outstanding advocate for the people of VA-10.

Addie Lingle | Former Candidate for Commissioner of the Revenue | Winchester, VA

Lindsey cares about our neighbors and our communities because she knows us. Unlike most politicians, Lindsey has time for each and every citizen and it shows.

Drew Brookie | Obama Administration Alum

I know from working side-by-side with Lindsey that she cares deeply about the people she serves. I look up to Lindsey as a role model, and I know she will fight for all of her neighbors in Congress.

Kat Wallace | VA Emerge Alum

We need someone like Lindsey in the House to represent the people. Her courage and perseverance are truly inspiring and I am proud to be her Emerge sister.

Jessica Scharpf | Small Business Owner | Loudoun County

As a woman, mom, small business owner, and student, the choice to support Lindsey was easy. She will stand up for what is right and fight for equality and common sense reform.

Jessica Kirkland | School Teacher | Loudoun County

As a public school educator I love Lindsey's passion for education and her dedication to ensuring that all children in #VA10 have access to a good education not only at the K-12 level, but post-baccalaureate.

Mike Faison | Community Activist | Winchester, VA

I support Lindsey because of her hard work to make policies effective for Veterans and families to thrive in our district. Lindsey is a leader that has unprecedented passion cultivated by her time in the Obama Administration.

Wendy Davis | Champion for Women's Rights

Lindsey is principled and bold and that's why I'm so excited she's running for Congress to flip Virginia's Tenth District.

Jessica Whichard | Obama Administration Alum

Lindsey is an amazing public servant, mom, small-business owner, and citizen- there's no one better equipped to take on today's challenges.

Brandon Friedman | Obama Administration Alum

Few people understand Congress and the executive branch as well as Lindsey. And that's incredibly important because it's how you get things done--which we very much need right now. I'm proud to know and support her.

Kate Ranta | Emerge VA Alum

I support Lindsey because as a domestic and gun violence survivor, I know she has what it takes to fight for what's right, even when it's hard. Like me, she is a mother who wants to make sure women, children and communities are safe from gun violence.

Heather Samuelson | Obama Administration Alum

Having served together in the Obama Administration, I experienced first-hand Lindsey’s hard work, dedication, values, and commitment to public service. That is why I am so excited she is running. We need more people like her in Congress.

Janko Mitric | Obama Admininstration Alum

Lindsey's years of experience delivering for Veterans while serving in the Obama Administration, for middle-class Americans while working on Capitol Hill, and now as a small business owner prove that she will hit the ground running on day one in Congress.

Josh Taylor | Obama Administration Alum

I have known Lindsey for nearly 15 years and worked closely with her in Congress and the Obama Administration. Lindsey is part of a new generation of public servants who will help move our country forward at a critical time in our history, and her deep understanding of Congress and the executive branch means she will hit the ground running on day one.

Gov Bill Richardson | Former US Congressman

In times like these we must be resilient and fight back. I promised myself that I would do whatever it takes to help elect strong Democrats to office and Lindsey Davis Stover is one of those people.

Chris Lu | Senior Obama Administration Official

We need a leader who will continue the Obama Administration’s legacy of inclusiveness, economic growth, equality and transparency. That leader is Lindsey Davis Stover.

Leslie Blackburn | Berryville, VA

Lindsey is the type of person I trust to represent me in our federal government. She is intelligent, experienced, strong, compassionate, focused, and a great listener. Add to that a wonderful sense of humor and I believe it just doesn’t get any better!

Michelle Woolley | VA Emerge Alum

Now more than ever, we need elected representatives with the strength and courage to fight for us. I support Lindsey because she is a fighter who knows how to get things done.

David Smith | Mayor of Winchester

Since announcing her candidacy to take on Barbara Comstock in VA-10, Lindsey has consistently made herself available to our community. I firmly believe that Lindsey has what it takes to create the partnerships at a local level to work with us and move our District forward.

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